The Home of Our Happy Chickens: Our Portable Chicken Coop

Video by Rachael Glasgow

For years we enjoyed watching our chickens roam the property. It was great fun to see them running  around and hearing the rooster cock-a-doodle-doo  all over the farm. But, we had one major problem, at dusk chickens would get snatched by fox waiting for them in the fields, the only thing we would find of their remains–feathers. Dale decided to build a portable chicken coop, one that they could have fresh grass and bugs but be protected from fox.

I always bring Sparky with me when we get our eggs because there are times when we have had snakes in the chicken coop. Sparky will get the snakes for me. This is a portable chicken coop, dale built it so that the fox can’t get to the chickens,  they are totally enclosed inside. Everyday we move the chicken coop with our lawn tractor around the yard; so everyday they get fresh grass and bugs. It doesn’t kill your grass because you are moving it all the time, and you get more eggs because they are getting all the nutrients they need.

Alright it looks like a lot of eggs. There are 13 eggs for today. Alright, they have their water, they have their feed in there. Then we lock it back up. The portable chicken coop is carried by a pulley that attaches to our tractor. Do you want to see what it looks like inside? Let me show you how dale built this. Alright we’ll make sure there are no snakes. Sparky is ready. We put the grain feed on the door. We’re almost out of grain here. This is the grain; we put it in this container. We change the water in the morning and at night. We’re all done!



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