After School Valentine’s Day Cookies

Children will always remember coming home  to the smell of cookies baking when they grow up. Memories like those are cherished and passed on for generations.  These are as delicious as they smell.  They ooze gooey yummy chocolate, if you don’t bake them all the way. They’re especially good to have ready on Valentine’s Day when your kids come home from school. It’s a hard holiday for kids who didn’t get what others got. Make it extra special when they come home, love can erase a lot of hurts.

No one can tell there’s no flour, added fat or gluten in them! DELICIOUS!  Recipe here: Flourless Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Using a heart shaped  5 inch cake pan makes 10-12 cookies depending on how full you fill the pan.

I made one for each of our daughters. I sent them to the ones who live away from home by the mail.

5 inch heart cake pan–I got it at my local hobby store.

Dale and I mailed a box to each of our daughters– Should arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day

I piped some (all natural dye) frosting on the cookies just to make them “Pink.” Girls love pink!



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