Acts Chapter 2 Supper


Calin, Sharon and Dale

The kitchen was hot from cooking our meal for supper.  I opened the windows to let a breeze flow onto us while we sat at the table, ate, and listened to “God-stories” for hours. Oh my goodness, I felt like we were outside of time in one of those early church meetings in the book of Acts.  Each person (there were 8 of us) giving testimony to the power of Jesus Christ — I can’t describe the glory of our time together.

Calin was one of the ministers at our table.  He was visiting from Romania.  His grandparents and parents had lived under communist regime in Romania. Story after story, he shared of how faithful they were to Christ no matter the cost. His great-grandfather was beaten to death for going to a prayer meeting.  He died three days after the beating. Calin’s grandfather was put in prision for a year and a half for not renouncing Christ. Then Calin’s father stood in front of 300 people and testified of Christ when it was not allowed. God protected him.

After communism ended in 1989, Calin’s father started a church. It is a growing and “on-fire” church today, thriving in the power of Jesus Christ.  Calin is the youth pastor of this church. He shared story after story of children coming to Christ and God’s power healing many. The seed that the great-grandfather planted in faith grew to this future generation of believers and now Calin who is an evangelist speaks to thousands.

We all shared stories around the table that night.  Each just waiting for our turn to testify of Jesus’ power in our life.  It was one of the most glorious visits ever.  After talking for hours, it was late, and I could hear our goat through the open window crying for us to come milk her.  We milked her, gave milk to our guests, and ended the night in prayer for one another before they left.

The breeze blew in through the kitchen window and I could hear their laugher outside as I put dishes away and treasured each testimony in my heart. This had been a beautiful night.  One I hope to repeat many times. Fellowshipping with believers, eating food together, encouraging and praying for one another — the body of Christ.

God is SO good to us, even in the midst of persecution, trial, and suffering!


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