Milking a Goat and Benefits of Unpasteurized Milk

Today, I’d like for you to join me as we milk our goats! Watch this video, and you’ll be able to learn how to milk a goat yourself.  One of the stories that I read that really made me want to try milking goats and having raw milk, was the story that happened in the 1300’s. The Bubonic plague came and hit Europe and killed 25 million people, within 3 years of time. The only people that weren’t dying were the Jews. The people thought that the Jews were killing them, but really what was happening was that they were eating “Biblically correct”.  Their immune systems were strong, and their bodies were able to kill the bad bacteria with the good bacteria from the unpasteurized milk.  They were able to kill viruses and pathogens that came into their bodies.  It’s an amazing super-food that God created for us to be able to have for our health.

Now that you’re convinced that you want a milking goat, here are the supplies that we need in order to milk her…

– We need a jar to put the milk in.
– We need a sterilized cloth to make sure that nothing falls into the milk while we’re milking her.
– And we need a cloth to wash her well.

The first thing that we’re going to do is wash her udders.  After you’ve done that, you lay the cloth over the jar and start milking. The first couple squirts go onto the paper towel, just in case there’s bacteria in there.  Put both hands at the base of her utter, push up and squeeze, and then all the milk comes down. So you go up, and squeeze down!  You want to make sure that you get it all out because you don’t want her to get any infections.

The next thing that you do is spray with Fight-Bac. This is a disinfectant, and it also helps to control mastitis. You never want your goat to have that.  Now we’re going to let her out…Good job, Angel!

The first thing we’re going to do is wash our hands.  The next thing we’re going to do is take the cloth off and rinse it out.  Rinse it really well and get all the milk and anything that fell on it off.  Then we have a filter.  I got mine from Hoager’s, a goat supplies store (online).  I put the filter on the bottom of the funnel. Then we’re going to put it through the second filtration process.  Make sure that we filter out anything that could have fallen into the milk. Sometimes you don’t have any dirt, and nothing comes through the first cloth that we put on.  But, you never want take that chance — you always want to have a second filter.

This is from one milking!  We get a little over a gallon a day.  This is from the night time milking, and we get the same amount in the morning.  Then, I take the funnel and filter off, I rinse it, and later I’ll be sterilizing it.  Now we’re going to put a top on and seal it up.  We have Saturday written on the top.   We put it on, and now we’re finished.  We’re going to put it in the refrigerator where it will last for 4 to 5 days.  And now we’re finished.  You know how to milk a goat.  And you know how to process it.

The Adventure of Getting
the Milking Goat

Typically before a trip, I look at the map and calculate the entire adventure ahead of time.  This time we had been too busy and the morning we were leaving the internet was down, so I couldn’t “Map-Quest” the directions. Our ultimate purpose for the trip was to pick up a milking goat and 20 laying chickens.  Since we rented a U-Haul van for the trip we thought we might as well take advantage of the space in the van and stop at Dale’s brother’s barn, a couple hours away and pick up some boxes of old family treasures that he wanted to get rid of. After picking up the boxes, we said our goodbyes and then looked at the directions for our next, final stop. The “goat farm lady” said she lived close to our family and didn’t give an address just some rough directions. When we finally looked at the cities that she said we would go through, I was shocked to see we were hours from where I thought we were going- taking us into another state altogether! 

We started driving, and after 30 minutes I said to Dale, “Let’s turn around. I can find a milking goat much closer to home and chickens are easy to come by.  This trip will put us home in middle of the night.” Dale said, “No, this must be a divine appointment.  We have to see it through. We would never have planned this if we had known how far away it was and this is out of character for us not to have looked at a map ahead of time.  So it must be that God has a plan for us there.”  I agreed.  So, we traveled for hours down-breath taking winding mountain roads, getting lost, and with no cell connection.

Finally we got there.  We were 4 hours late and there she was- the farmer’s wife.  She was pleased to see us. Her hair was grayish white pulled back into a long braid.  Her hands were well worn.  Her clogs covered in wet mud. At first, I forgot it was a divine appointment and got my money out to pay her for the goat and chickens so we could get back on the road quickly and get home.  Then she sat down and started to milk her whole herd of goats, after the first four, I knew we were going to be there for the duration. While we milked, she talked. Her husband had died a little over a month before.  He took care of everything and now she was all alone and legally blind.  She didn’t have a car, couldn’t drive, didn’t have a soul to help her on the 25 acre farm with all the animals.  Her closest family member lived on the west coast and she lived in WVA.  This was a divine appointment designed by God Himself.

The property was in serious need of help. She took us into her home.  She didn’t take her muddy boots off, nor did she close the door to the animals walking behind us into the house.  She stoked her coal stove and sat down to talk some more. We realized that the greatest need she had was to be loved, someone to listen to her, and just be with her- so we did. Three hours later we held her hands, prayed and blessed her, gave her hugs, love and said goodbye.

 We hadn’t stopped praying for- or communicating with her.  Dale was right- it was a divine appointment. Our greatest asset we can give someone is the Father’s love.  His love is so powerful!  It speaks volumes and rushes over the recipient like a mighty rushing river.

We loaded the 20 chickens and Alpine milking goat into the van behind the boxes of family treasures.  We were officially a full load now.  The chickens were clucking and rustling as we drove down the winding mountain roads. It didn’t take long before we had to lower the windows because the smell had overcome the vehicle.  It was going to be a long ride home.  Several hours from home, I was driving and looked over at dale and was shocked to see a mouse on his shoulder! Soon there was another mouse running up the side of his seat.  Then, another running under my seat! I don’t know how many there were but they were coming out of the boxes that we had gotten from his brothers barn. I kept telling myself that if one landed on my head or up my pant-leg that I could and would remain in control and not freak out! For three hours we drove with the lights on watching the mice run about.  The divine appointment was an adventure of a day to say the least!

Sharon Glasgow


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