The Good Wife Recipe

Being a good wife is a lot like being a good cook.

Any cook using the same recipe and instructions can produce a dish that tastes entirely different from another.  Why is this?

Well, attention to detail distinguishes a great cook from an average one.

Take fried apples for example…  All that you need are apples, sugar, butter and cinnamon. But, not every cook makes them the same.   I cook mine on high (I want them slightly caramelized) and I never put a top on or they get mushy.  If you take the same ingredients, cook them on low and put a lid on the top- it produces a recipe that doesn’t resemble mine at all.  The same recipe can produce a totally different result.

If you want to know difference between a good wife and an average wife, you’ll find the answer is the same.  There are hundreds of recipes for being a good wife.  The ingredient list is usually pretty similar in every recipe; Love, Respect, Communication, Intimacy, Time, Service, Prayer. . . Even if the recipe is followed directly and not one ingredient neglected, the outcome can be totally different.

Take the Good Wife Recipe for example:

If you Love in proportion to what is given you, the recipe will not rise to the fullest flavor meant to be.  Love unconditionally at 100%. Give all with no expectations of a return.  Love with every ounce of your being and when you have given all- squeeze even more out.  Those drops are the best.

Respect is a vital ingredient, one I didn’t fully understand when I got married. I loved my husband, but didn’t respect all of his ideas. I had my own ideas of how things should be.  And naturally, I thought I was right.  After years of this wrong balance the Lord showed me that I wasn’t respecting Dale’s role in our family; his thinking and his leading.  I asked God to help me and He did.  I respect Dale’s thinking.  He is actually right most often—I just had to learn to listen before reacting and respect his thoughts.

Communication is a delicate balance of listening and talking. When we listen not only with your ears but with our heart we are able to remember everything that he shares. We should be his greatest advocate in the good days and the hardest of days.  Allow nothing to hinder this vital ingredient.  He needs to know you care about his every thought, dream, and burden.

Intimacy-  There is much to be said on this topic, for now all I will say is- DO NOT NEGLECT this ingredient! The spicier you make it, the better; the easier the other ingredients gel together into the perfect recipe.

Time and Service- You could be the greatest lover of all wives but if you neglect spending quality time with your husband,  and creating an atmosphere of love– your recipe will fall flat.  What would he love for you to do with him? What ways you can help him? What are his favorite meals?

Prayer-  Many nights I wake up and while he sleeps, I watch him and pray.  I pray for his health, his work, and his dreams to be fulfilled.  The Lord has been faithful to answer.

The Good Wife Recipe is one of sacrifice, but produces the greatest of marriages.  I am in mad love with my husband.  I’ve noticed that the more I put into the recipe, the more I get out of it- and the more passionate my marriage is. The more passionate it becomes the less work it is.  My desire to love becomes greater, ability to respect becomes second nature, communication becomes like-minded, making love sweeter than any romance novel could ever pen, and time with him my desire not duty.

All my days of marriage were not easy. Every man is different and his needs different from another. It was trial and error in the beginning but perseverance and desire for the very best marriage was my passion.

Being a good wife is a lot like being a good cook.  Any given wife using the same recipe and instructions can produce a marriage that is entirely different from another.  Why is this?

It’s because attention to detail delineates a good wife from an average one.

The secret to The Good Wife Recipe; Do not neglect one ingredient.  They are all free, but it will be how deliberate you are with the finer details that will determine the outcome.

Read Proverbs 31:10-31 for in-depth details about the Good Wife.

You should  make him fried apples and pancakes! Top them with some whipped cream, yum!  Here are the recipes. . .




Jonathan Proposed to Our Daughter, Rachael, in the Barn Saturday night



Jonathan proposed to Rachael in the Glasgow Barn, where they first fell in love.

From the time Dale and I knew we were pregnant with each of our five daughters, we started praying for their spouses.

This past Saturday night, our fourth daughter Rachael was engaged to the man of her dreams and the one we had prayed for from the time we conceived her.

Just a few months before we met him for the first time, I had taken a class on the book of Ephesians. Jonathan’s father was the teacher, Bowie Curry.   One night while telling Rachael about my Ephesian’s class, the thought came to me to look on Facebook and see if Bowie had any Godly sons available.  We found Jonathan, and Rachael’s interest was perked.

But that was as far as it went, because we never saw him!

Then the big day came. Our family will never forget it.  Jonathan had heard that helpers were needed to work on our barn, so he signed up to help (he was aware that our family had five daughters). I saw him walk onto the property. I didn’t know who he was, but I went out to meet this young man who had come to help on the barn.

Immediately while talking, I knew this was Rachael’s husband. I couldn’t finish my conversation with him soon enough, so that I could run and tell her. I ran into the house and squealed, “Rachael, your husband is walking to the barn right now!” We all stared out the kitchen window.  I couldn’t contain the excitement. Rachael was apprehensive to believe me.  No more than 30 minutes passed, and then Jake, Hannah’s husband to be at that time, came in the house. He immediately took Hannah to the side and said the same thing I had said. Jonathan was gaining favor fast.

Then our next son-in-law, Jeffrey (Heather’s husband) came in and announced that Rachael’s husband was outside. Rachael hadn’t even met him yet! He hadn’t been on our property for more than a couple hours at this point. At the close of the day, Dale came in the house. We stared at him waiting for him to say the same thing everyone else was saying…and he did.

Within a month of working everyday on the barn, he asked Dale’s permission to date Rachael. Dale gave his permission, and soon they went out on their very first date. I wish he could have invited the whole family, because we could hardly contain ourselves sitting at home waiting for their return!

She told us every detail when she got home.

This past Saturday night, he confessed that it was love at first sight for him, and she confessed the same. The marriage is set for next spring, and the date is to be announced. It will be here on the Glasgow Farm.


He proposed upstairs

Mood was set with candles

Jonathan’s best friend Matt and Kayla bought flowers, candles, cheese, crackers and fresh fruit for the table. Rachael’s sister Hannah helped decorate too.

They came in the house to tell us all about it! To Rachael’s surprise, our family and the Curry family were all waiting in the house!

Potential ringbearers playing while the story is being told

Grandma Shanaberger, Heather and Jake

Jonathan and Matt (his best friend). Hannah and Ryan in background

The two fathers, Bowie Curry and Dale Glasgow

The mother of the bride to be and the mother of the groom to be, Sharon and Barbara

Steven (Jonathan’s brother) and his girlfriend Lauren. Giving Rachael a hug!

Jonathan’s sister, Laura.  And brother, Steven and Lauren


Jeffrey and Lochlan in background of the two love birds

Ellie and Rachael’s excitement over the ring!


Hannah, Jake, Ryan, Ellie, Heather, Lochlan, Jonathan and Rachael

The evening came to a close around 1:30AM. It was a perfect day!





A Love Story–The Honeymoon Life Part 3/3

Dale and Sharon Glasgow-The Honeymoon Life-August 29, 2012

Part 1

Part 2

Now they were no different than couples of this day. They desired a honeymoon many miles away. But luxury was not afforded them, so they traveled far to a State Park cabin in the mountains by car.

Little needs be said of what happened that night for when two lovers join as one for the very first time, well—words fall short.

The honeymoon was soon over and they traveled back to start their life.

Time passed quickly. Dale finished his schooling and got a job in the big city. He worked hard to provide for his family. Babies came one by one and while Sharon nursed them, changed diapers, cooked and cleaned the house morning till night, she started to dream.

She dreamed of the day she would have a real honeymoon, the lavish kind she had read of–for the honeymoon days were long behind her. Life became an endless cycle of work; rebuilding their country house, mending fences to keep the animals in, taking care of the farm, nurturing and raising children, working and yet more working… Through all of this their romance took a hit: there was no time for fairytale love anymore.

Then, one day— Sharon met a woman who told her of the tragic end to her own love story. This woman’s beloved worked hard every day. They never had time off to play. For years she dreamed and planned for this trip she had always wanted, for they had never had the honeymoon of their dreams. Their last child was leaving and the honeymoon date set. But on this awful, awful day, she got a call that her husband had been killed, tragically. Her dream shattered, she never got the honeymoon that she had imagined.

This affected Sharon deeply, for she never wanted to live in regret that she never had the honeymoon she dreamt.

So, she decided that day to live every day, the honeymoon life ever after.

(Now at this point in the love story, Sharon and Dale had 4 adorable children, with one to come, and lived on a farm in the country.)

Just a few weeks later was Sharon and Dale’s anniversary.

Sharon loved Dale with all her heart, so she went before the Lord and inquired of Him. She said, “He is Yours. I do not know how long my days will be with him. But this I know, I trust You. I trust You that when our days are gone, I will have no regrets. Teach me now, how to be a lover of You first and by loving You, I will know how to love him fully every day, especially when the days are hard, the storms rage and the sun sets at the close of our life.” On that day, the Lord gave her peace that flooded her entire being. A scripture from the Bible came to to her mind as she arose that day in prayer, Proverbs Chapter 31. She read it and decided to live it. Strength and assurance arose in her spirit from that day there after.

She wanted their anniversary to be one that Dale would never forget for who knows if you will ever have another after. What would he not expect but never forget?

And the idea came, a picnic far over and through the field- with his favorite foods and his wife alone, doing things he could never have expected. . .

No trip to yonder place, no lavish hotel nor gourmet dish in all the world could compete with this field, a picnic dinner and the power of what happened.

From that day on they lived the honeymoon life. Not just dreaming of it, but living it every day ever after. The simple things became cherished, like eating meals together, going to bed together, praying together, reading books together and even mundane trips to pick up supplies were always spent together.

Yesterday, August 29th was the 31st anniversary of Sharon and Dale’s marriage. They celebrated their 16th year of The Honeymoon Life!

So this is their love story and it is still being written.

When their life in this age comes to an end, they will confidently be able to say, ours was the most beautiful love story we could ever have lived–because the most High God started it, was in it and completed it.

Dale and Sharon Glasgow married August 29, 1981
Snapshot taken by attendee. No formal photo taken.

I did marry a preacher man!

A Love Story: Fairy Tales Do Come True – Part 2

As he kissed her goodbye, she knew in her heart this would be the last, for she was in search of the dreams of her youth. She left on her journey to the school far away. Once there, she knew what she had to do.

Since she was a child, when she dreamt of her prince charming, he was always one whose life was fully employed by the King of Kings–always a preacher man. (That was her secret she had not told him.)  But Dale was to be an artist, so she did what she thought best and severed all ties.

And his heart was broken.

Before long, preacher men came knocking on her door.  She courted them, one by one, wondering which was the one.  One night, after only a few short months, a handsome suitor asked for her hand in marriage. When she was unable to give him a response, he kissed her goodnight.  As he bid her farewell he confessed, “I love you, Sharon.” And what did slip from her lips ever so naturally, would reveal her true love’s identity. Unaware, she blurted, “I love you, Dale.”

Instantly, she knew Dale held the answer to the secret wish of her heart. Little had she known, there was none more fully employed by the King of kings than he!  He was the manliest of men, the handsomest of them all. Willing to die for his King, he was her true knight in shining armor.

She fell on her knees and earnestly prayed that Dale would have her as his bride, pure and strong. With sorrow in her eyes for the time spent apart, she pleaded with Dale to take her back into his heart. With a confidence from his Lord, he welcomed her with his arms open wide, knowing that Grace received is Grace to be shared.

When she returned from her studies far, far away, he took her to the mountains for he had something to say! With the sun setting and the view breathtaking, Dale reached around and adorned her finger with a precious diamond. “I want to marry you. Will it be August 9th or August 29th?” With only a few months to spare and many things to plan before their special day, she chose the 29th, as it would give more time to prepare! And with that discourse, the date was set. She would be his bride, pure and strong like the day they had met.

There was little time and even less money to prepare for their wedding day. Every maiden dreams of this day: her knight in shining armor, beautiful wedding dress, the fresh cut flowers, and, of course, the honeymoon! But with little to no money to spare, they bought what they could and continued to tend their love with care.

Sharon bought her wedding dress at a thrift shop. The weekly sale was to buy a used veil and get a wedding dress free of charge. Out of all the dresses she tried on, only one fit, so she took it along with the veil. She didn’t like it, but it fit! And this was the only requirement, and quick!

There was no budget for fresh flowers, new shoes or a photographer. Dale made the invitations. Church members cooked with her and her mother.

The day finally arrived and the bride that Dale prayed for glowed as she walked toward him. Sharon looked into his eyes and with tears streaming down, she realized this was a day ordained by the King of kings. And there stood in front of her the most pure and holy man she had ever known or could ever imagine knowing. What more could a bride want than the best of all God has to offer? She was the richest of brides on this day no matter what kind of dress.

A beautiful wedding dress, fresh flowers and photography are fleeting desires in view of the wedding day. The only thing that matters the day you say “I do” is that the one who stands with you, is the only one for you. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

They said “I do.”

They waved their goodbyes to their friends and family, and into the sunset they went to complete “man and wife.”

(To be continued: Part 3 gets a little steamy, for mature audience only)


A Love Story: Fairy Tales Do Come True – Part 1 of 3

Once upon a time, many years ago, there lived a young man who knelt to the ground every morning and prayed to the Lord for his bride-to-be. He asked Him to make her spirit strong, keep her pure, and to prepare her for the day he would finally meet her.

One day, as the young man was working at his place of employment, his spirit quickened within him. As she spoke, her face remained hidden, but golden, curly locks crowned her dainty, little frame.  The young maiden had come to inquire of a job. And without even a glimpse of her face, he knew this indeed was the one he had prayed for, his bride-to-be.

He couldn’t say a word.  No one would believe him. So, he waited.

The maiden was soon hired, and day after day, he waited for the right opportunity to introduce himself. But between her beauty and his nerves, the time never seemed right. One afternoon, the moment finally arrived. His eyes locked with hers and hers with his. Stumbling over his words, he managed to extend an invitation to join him and acquaintances to watch fireworks in honor of Independence Day. Without hesitation she accepted his offer (Little did he know that she rarely said yes to invitations from young men—especially those from whom she hardly knew! But something was different about this one, and she didn’t want to miss her opportunity).

That night, they had no trouble finding things to talk about.  It was as if they had known one another for years! They talked and talked…and the fireworks began.

The next day, the starry-eyed young man formally asked her on a date. And once again, she immediately accepted his invitation.

It was a magical day horseback riding through rolling hills into the sunset and enjoying delightfully endless conversation. The subject of their talk you ask?  The glory of God and Christ Jesus. The further they rode into the hills, the deeper their conversation. It is a glorious day when two people with the same hopes and dreams begin to dream together.

And so begins the true story of how the young man, Dale Glasgow, met his bride-to-be, Sharon Shanaberger. They fell in love, and life was grand…all until Sharon planned to study in a far away land.

Little did Dale know that Sharon had in her heart a secret she had never shared…


Labor, Delivery and The Travel Trailer – Ellie’s Birthday

It was still dark outside, and intense labor pains had started. I didn’t have anywhere to escape to enjoy my pain alone.  Our family was still sleeping in a small travel trailer.

There was only one full size bed, and Rachael (4 years old) was sleeping between Dale and me.  Hannah (age 6) was sleeping in the shower stall.  Jennifer (10) was on the seat bench at the kitchen table, and Heather (12) was on the narrow sofa.

I laid there for as long as I could and then went outside to walk around.  It was still dark.

Just 10 months before this night, we had moved to the farm. Ellie (Elizabeth) was conceived at the end of the first month that we lived here.  She was a surprise gift from God.  I knew that she would be a spiritual blessing to us and many.  The only problem was that we didn’t know we were having more children, so we didn’t have maternity coverage.

As to why we were in a travel trailer…

Our house was built in the early 1900’s, and within the first months of living here, it became apparent that the house needed to be gutted and renovated.  The electrical, plumbing, heating, and interior walls were in pathetic shape.

So, we gutted the farmhouse and started renovating—we and our friends.

When Ellie was due, the house was still not livable, so a friend gave us his camper to live in for a month.

The labor wasn’t consistent, but it hurt badly nonetheless. At sunrise, Dale came outside to check on me. The pains became more consistent.  We got to the hospital by 11 that morning.  Ellie was born a little after 2 that afternoon, on August 3.  Since we didn’t have insurance, the hospital released us in less than 4 hours!  By 6pm that evening, we headed back to the travel trailer.  It was our first official trip home with all the kids in the van with us.  To celebrate, we stopped at Silver Diner and picked up dinner to bring home.

It wasn’t the environment you dream of coming home to 4 hours after having a baby.  But, we were healthy and well…what more could you really want?  The girls had made us a banner over our bed to welcome Ellie home. It was a sweet welcome.

We ate our food, stared at Ellie for a few hours, and then got ready for bed. Rachael claimed her sleeping spot for the night–the shower stall, since we were kicking her out of our bed for the new baby. We made a pallet for Hannah on the floor, and we all fell fast asleep.

Ellie turned 17 years old this past weekend.  It’s fun to reminisce about your children’s birthdays. We moved out of the travel trailer and back into our renovated house when she was 3 weeks old. She is truly a gift from God to us.  The Lord has mighty big plans for this young lady.  She is a leader and determined.  I can’t wait to see how He uses her in the near future for His glory!


Long day–Labor, Delivery and back in the travel trailer, all in less than 13 hours. Heather and Dale are missing in the photo.

Our baby girl graduated! Ellie and Dad

How Will We Be Remembered?

Memory keeps volumes stored in hidden vaults, just waiting for something to jar its door and all the contents resuscitated.

It’s pretty entertaining hearing your grown children, gathered around the table, telling their favorite childhood memories. I’ve forgotten a lot of things that they remember, and boy, they sure remember it all.  It seems as though they can recall every emotional response, phone call or meal I’ve ever made and when it happened! Our children’s lives are completely molded by our every word and how we live even when we think they’re not looking.  Every day of their life they unintentionally record memories.

I don’t think I remember as much as they do about my childhood; many memories are packed away. The funny thing is, it only takes a smell, sight, sound or a conversation that will jar the door open, and memories come to life. Forty years have passed, and once in a while my memory will be jarred when I see the clock hit 10:00 P.M. I’ll instantly recall that for a couple of years in my childhood my mom went to her bedroom from 10-11:00 P.M. and prayed for us kids.

If how we live at home is recorded in our children’s memory, how will we be remembered?

It is worth our time to reengineer our days to make sure that everything we do is worthy of the memory it is creating. I don’t have the physical or mental ability to make my every action worthy of being memorized, however, when I surrender my every day wholeheartedly to Jesus, He leads me to do what I couldn’t when left to my own abilities.

My first priority on my to-do list every day is to ask Him to guide my thoughts, my conversation and my actions.

Second on the list is to diligently pray for our children. I have to set aside a certain time of the day to pray for them. I remember reading that when James Dobson’s kids were little he fasted and prayed for them one day a week. He prayed every day for them but set aside one day to fast for them. That is a commitment that will not return void.  I have done that at special seasons of our children’s lives and found God faithful.

When these two things are at the top of my list I’m able to do more than I would ever be able to do on my own.

If Billy Graham, John Wesley and George Washington all said they owed their life success to the memory of their mother’s prayers, it raises the bar high and compels us to set our standard to do the same.

Last night I read about a Russian officer in Richard Wormbrand’s book, Tortured for Christ whose memory of what her grandmother did saved her soul.

Richard saw the Russian officer on the street and said, “ ‘I wish to speak to you about Christ.’ She asked me, ‘Do you love Christ?’ I said, ‘Yes! With all of my heart.” She fell into my arms and kissed me again and again. It was a very embarrassing situation for a pastor, so I kissed her back, hoping people would think we were relatives. She exclaimed to me, “I love Christ, too!” I took her to our home and discovered to my amazement that she knew nothing about Christ-absolutely nothing-except the name. And yet she loved Him. She did not know that He is the Savior, nor what salvation means. She did not know where and how He lived and died. She did not know His teachings, His life or ministry. She was for me a psychological curiosity: how can you love someone if you know only his name?

When I inquired, she explained, “When I went to high school, I was taught that it was my holy duty to defend the Communist morals. But I did not know what a ‘holy duty’ or a ‘moral’ looked like. . .My grandmother always bowed before this picture, saying that it was the picture of one called Cristo (Christ). And I loved this name by itself. This name became so real to me! Just to say the name gave me such joy.’. . .She joyously found Christ in my home and now the One whose name she loved lived in her heart.

The memory of her grandmother bowing to a picture of Christ stayed with her all those years and opened the door to eternal life with Him.

The grandmother never explained Christ to her, but her actions were recorded in the hidden vaults of the grand-daughters memory. When Richard said the word “Christ,” it jarred the vault open, and the memory resituated and birthed new life for her.

What will our children and our grandchildren remember about us? That we prayed for them? That our life was postured in adoration toward the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, bowing before Him with our countenance, our words and our actions? Seems kind of hard until you remember you’ve got the priority list up above. If we keep our eyes on Him, He will direct our path, and the memories we make for our kids will be ones we want brought to life.

Sharon Glasgow

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